Christian Rickert | Fotografie

Christian Rickert | Master of Light Dramatics

Opening: 24 January 2019. 19-22 h

Christian Rickert made headlines in the 1960s to 1980s. The Berliner received several awards for his virtuosic-furiose drawings, his drawings hung next to works by artists, all of whom are enshrined in the Who´s Who of modern art. Then the caesura! In 1986, Rickert withdrew from the public art scene. But he continues to develop his art. He paints and draws, produces prints and collages, continues to be a photographic and object artist. The upcoming exhibition will focus on works created between 1984 and 2018.

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Current Exhibition


Schwere Sonne - Die Pisserein, 190 x 160 cm, 2018, Acryl auf Nessel web mk

Arno Bojak | Black Nymphéas

Opening: 29 November 2018. 19-22 h

Bojak’s paintings are created from a mix of references – to art history, literature, fairy tales, legends and children’s book illustrations, comics or the genre of fantastic film. As in earlier pictures, children are often depicted. Child figures have always functioned as archetypes in Bojak’s work. They represent the human species.

It is noticeable that the human images have changed in the most recent works. It’s no longer the bustling cool kids and insidious little monsters in the childish milieu that are depicted, but adolescents in adolescence. The figures have thus become quite unmistakably older. But it’s still about themes that we know from Bojak’s earlier pictures – power, love and role-playing.


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