Kevin A. Rausch | nichts kommt von nachts

From 21 March to 30 April, Galerie Köppe Contemporary is showing paintings and paper works by the figurative painter, object artist and filmmaker Kevin A. Rausch from Austria.

Kevin A. Rausch, born 1980 in Wolfsberg (Carinthia) and now living in Vienna, is an exposed, international representative of the young generation of Austrian artists. His pictures are created in a mix of spontaneity, calculation and experiment. They are characterized by an exciting expressive aesthetic between realism and abstraction, the art of Kevin A. Rausch draws on many sources of inspiration, Rausch relies on a mixture of many influences. Transitions between ‘High and Low’ are characteristic. The rapid mix of his pictorial language of art, underground, street art and punk design elements reveals references to the young protest culture.


Thu, 21 March 2019



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